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A few tips for a_13

However, understanding how to establish your new Samsung LCD TV will enhance your viewing experience even more. The first step is having the ability to find out what’s on your screen. If your screen is LCD you can use the excellent built in contrast adjustment feature while your screen is CRT based, you will need to adjust the contrast using the manual setting feature. Some televisions have built in display wipes to remove dirt and fingerprints so it is ideal to practice setting this up once and then use it frequently. You can display animated pictures, landscape images, still pictures, or a mix of multiple images in your LCD display. Utilize the image in picture feature when accessible. Additionally, some televisions come equipped with zoom and pan features. These work really well and it may be useful in adjusting a large image that is difficult to see with just the standard TV. The colour range of your screen is also important and you should make certain that you do not go too extreme. The best strange for the LCD TV is around calibration so if you are not doing this, there are lots of consumer options out there. The very…

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